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4 min readJun 29, 2022

Digitization, as we know, has taken the restaurant world by storm with no scope of going back to the traditional ways. No matter what part of the restaurant we speak of, kitchen or front counter, everything has been transformed by technology. Good food, and the convenience of technology have become the biggest selling points for restaurants with 33 percent restaurants implementing QR code ordering for dine-in, curbside and takeaway.

Digital restaurant menus provide customers with greater access and can be easily customized, while also establishing a more effective way to serve customers. For many reasons, digital menus have an edge over traditional menus!

Here is how:

Upsell to customers

One of the biggest advantage of e-menu or contactless ordering is that you can upsell products without being too “Salesy” or “Pushy” about it, and the best part is that 65% of the times, the customer end up adding more items to the cart when prompted with exclusive combos and deals at the checkout page. Remember how we always end up adding Garlic Bread on a Dominos’ Website right before we are ready to checkout? That’s the beauty of going digital with menus!

Reward programs

The use of contactless ordering in restaurants can boost customer loyalty. For every order a customer places, you can offer them rewards points which they can redeem on their next order. Moreover, restaurant contactless order can be linked to your restaurant’s point of sale (POS) thus engaging in customized marketing to customers to offer a more personalized experience.

Businesses have seen growth from loyalty programs that were taken up early in the QSR industry. From 2017 to 2019, Starbucks Rewards membership increased by 25 percent, which Starbucks CEO Kevin Johnson attributes to updates and improvements to the program over the years. Panera Bread recently said its loyalty members use the brand 6 to 10 times more than non-members. The engagement extends beyond transactions. Invitations to events are sent out, as are recipes and cooking tips.

Promote special menu and discounts on the website or app through banners

Halloween deals on your mind? Christmas is around the corner and you want to make the most of the holiday rush? Promote special deals, or run big campaigns by using Digital Banners on your website or mobile ordering app. Your customers are simply going to love the whole experience.

Change or update menu on the go

The difficulty of changing a paper menu on each table is evident if you have a time-specific menu, such as separate breakfast, lunch, and dinner menus. A digital menu will help you with that, as you can change the menu with just a swipe of the finger as the day progresses. It could be your restaurant’s USP to have separate menus for different times of the day. The customers will be even more inclined to visit your restaurant to try all the different menu items you have to offer all day long.

With QR-code menus, restaurant managers and owners can modify menu items, make minor changes to branding, and test out new menu items without worrying about printing, laminating, picking up, and distributing menus. The staff at restaurants can update their menu online, and the menu will be updated across the QR codes.

Capture real time data through Analytics and use it for remarketing

The use of data analytics enhances the overall guest experience. Restaurant owners can readily personalize the dining/ordering experience of their customers based on information such as order preferences, demographics, etc. Your restaurant can send push notifications to the customer based on their order history or offer personalized offers for special occasions based on their culinary preferences.

Restaurant owners can develop customer profiles with all customer information collected in a single dashboard, enabling them to identify trends, segment customers, and identify demographic differences. By analyzing survey results and other customer touchpoints, you can ensure that your products and services meet your brand’s standards and that your customer service is above average.

Ending Note

Traditional restaurant formats are being replaced by new ones to align with customer preferences. If you are someone who has not yet adopted Contactless Digital Menu, it is high time you do so! The benefits are many, which will work wonders in long term.

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