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According to Email receiving statistics, an average person receives 100–200 emails every day, making email marketing a hot topic for businesses across industries. Now if you own a restaurant, you might feel that email marketing is best suitable for technology-driven companies. A restaurant may not necessarily benefit from it.

Fact check; email marketing for restaurants is 36% more potent compared to traditional and social media marketing, delivering one of the highest ROIs, with an estimated return of $53 per invested dollar. Sound interesting?

When we talk about sending emailers to subscribers, we are talking about people who have already shown interest in your restaurant business. They could be your regular customers or loyalty program members. Basically, they are self-qualified leads waiting for coupons and discounts from their favorite restaurant. Now imagine if they receive an email notification with the subject line “50% Flat Off on all Bills; just for today. Order Now”.

What do you think would be the response?

Let us share some more examples of successful email marketing campaigns for restaurants to inspire you for your next marketing campaign.

5 Result-Driven Emailer Ideas for Restaurants

Focus on Subject Lines

A well-written subject line has the power to convince and convert so make sure to pay close attention to them. A subject line can be anything from a perk they receive for opening the mail, a funny remark, or even a phrase that creates urgency. Here are a few examples that you can try in your next email marketing campaign

  • Join us at [details of the day, hour, event] — free drink on us
  • 35% Off You have ONE DAY to claim this
  • Bring your family for [deal] this Christmas Eve
  • TODAY only: 10% discount on (New Menu Item Launch)
  • Happy Hours Start Wednesday at 1 pm. Don’t miss it!
  • Calzones (Or any popular menu item) are Back — Order Now!

Pro Tip: To create and send branded restaurant emailers you can sign up for free email marketing campaign software.If you don’t have a graphic designer yet, start with a template, add your brand logo, JPG, or PNG file of the poster, throw in some interesting photos from the menu, and hit the send button!

Keep the CTAs simple and accessible

Call-to-action (CTA) buttons are the buttons you use in your email marketing campaigns to guide customers to take the action you want them to take.

Call to action buttons should feature action-oriented text as well as create a sense of urgency to yield impressive CTRs. Substitute boring words like “Order Now” and “Enter the Website” for more action-packed words like “Save Big,” “Start Ordering,” and “Let’s Party” Your action words should go along with the subject line.

For example, you could use button text like:

  • Start Ordering Now to Get (offer)
  • Click to Save on the next meal
  • Get Food Delivered Now

Pro Tip: Your CTA button in the mailer copy should be big enough to draw attention, but not so big that it overwhelms the reader.

Source: chamelion

Give attention to Food Images

Strategically placed images of food on your emailer can make a big difference between low and high ROI. Make it a feast for their eyes and remind them why they signed up for your newsletters in the first place.

Source: Zane Kohler

Always remember that the food is all about the flavors and sensations and with great imagery you can stir emotions and encourage actions that can immediately engage your business’ audience. Once they land on your website, you are a winner!

Just launched a new range of ice- drinks in time for summer?

Then capture the new items on the menu with stunning food photography which will have customers order from your website to quench their thirst. Customers are more likely to buy once they have seen what the new dish or item would look like in reality.

Before you begin….

The first step to successful email marketing is to recognize your target audience. Data analytics can help you gain an in-depth insight into your customers and identify buying patterns. This enables you to create much more focused marketing content.

Another important point is to have a website or a landing age where your customers will land to complete their journey. You don’t want them to open an email and forget about it later on because there was no directive. If you are yet to get a website or a mobile app, connect with us here. You can try our all-in-one digital ordering platform free for 60 days!

Lastly, stay out of the spam folder. In the welcome email, kindly ask your new subscribers to mark your address as safe. Use your charm, be funny, or witty and ask them kindly so your emails don’t land in the spam or promotional folder.

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