GloriaFoods V/s Restolabs: Which is Best for Your Restaurant?

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6 min readJul 28, 2022

Looking for an online food ordering and delivery system for your restaurant? Here is a detailed comparison between industry favorites GloriaFood and RestoLabs.

Blame it on convenience or laziness, but people prefer ordering food online rather than leaving their homes and going to a restaurant. Simply navigate through the application, find your favorite food, and press order.

Voila! The food is reaching you in a few minutes.

The global online food delivery services market is expected to generate $159.46 billion in 2026. That’s proof enough for you to get your own restaurant ordering system right now.

In fact, if you do not offer online food ordering and delivery to your customers, you risk slipping behind your competition. Restaurants must adjust to shifts in consumer behavior in order to retain a consistent stream of revenue and remain competitive.

Why online ordering system for your restaurant

An online ordering and delivery system offers your restaurant a complete sales channel. This implies that the restaurateurs can use it to increase profits and better organize the restaurant. It also helps them save money on staff and restaurant space needed to accommodate customers.

When used correctly, technology can help a restaurant bypass competitors by moving it closer to consumers.

Furthermore, you can reduce the expense of commissions associated with food marketplaces and payment providers by using an online ordering system. Because of its ease of use and efficiency in meal delivery, the system is effective in acquiring new clients and retaining existing customers.

Given that 70% of consumers prefer ordering meals from a restaurant directly, establishing such systems is a sure way to attract more customers.

Online ordering, when properly integrated into the restaurant POS, also simplifies the work of taking orders. It eliminates the risk of human error and undue delays in delivery.

In this article, we will discuss two of the best online ordering system for restaurants — RestoLabs and GloriaFoods. While both platforms may look similar at first glance, there are a ton of notable differences between them for you to check out before deciding which one to use for your restaurant business.

What is RestoLabs?

Restolabs is a powerful and robust cloud-based food order and delivery system for restaurants with an integrated POS system. It helps restaurant owners serve directly to their customers without relying on third-party delivery services with exorbitant commission fees.

Packed with numerous features and customization options, RestoLabs Food Ordering System offers restaurant owners the flexibility and autonomy they are looking for. Established in 2012, today it has a long following of more than 4000 loyal customers in the U.S, UK, Israel, India, and European countries.

What is GloriaFood?

Gloria Foods is another online food ordering system that helps restaurants connect directly with customers. It automates and streamlines order flow in the kitchen eliminating the need to take manual orders. The platform is ideal for table reservations, curbside pickup, and deliveries.

Its goal is to assist smaller, family-run eateries optimize their commercial capabilities by monetizing their web presence. Typically, marketed as a ‘free’ SaaS solution, it has been serving customers in and around the US since 2013 and is extremely popular among restaurant owners.

Take a Closer Look

Now that you have read a brief introduction of RestoLabs and GloriaFoods, let us take a closer look at what they offer.

Setup and Integration

RestoLabs is one of the best restaurant online ordering system that provides users with a simple setup process. After signing up, you can begin creating your menu right away. The user-friendly interface and fantastic variety of themes ensure that your online buying system is perfectly aligned with your website. With over 15 different POS brands, store setups, and 30 different payment choices, you get the best of everything you need in one platform.

GloriaFoods, too, allows you to begin configuring your ordering system within 15 minutes of signing up. However, it lacks the functionality set of RestoLabs. Payment options are limited, as are various customizations and themes, especially if you use their free version. Premium features such as a branded mobile app, integration with your payment gateway, and a sales-optimized website will require payment.

Order Management

RestoLabs offers a unique order management system that allows restaurateurs to receive and manage orders seamlessly. It gives you real-time order notifications through SMS and email so that you never miss out on any order. You can set a map-based delivery radius for free deliveries and minimum order values.

The system ensures that orders with as far as 3 months of booking don’t get lost and forgotten by sending you constant reminders. You can even predefine parameters for the system to go offline during rush hours so you never accept more orders than you can handle.

GloriaFoods also offers a free restaurant ordering system with several options for creating promos and discounts. Its ability to multi-locate and draw delivery regions is fantastic. However, they offer no third-party integrations like a payment system. Furthermore, The tablet’s ordering and receiving app needs to be updated, and pre-orders are occasionally lost and forgotten since they are not organized.

Multilingual Customer Support

One of the best features of RestoLabs is that it lets you interact with your customers in their native language. This helps you cater to a larger range of customers, especially in cosmopolitan countries, and in turn, scale your restaurant business by several folds.

Unfortunately, GloriaFoods does not yet offer multilingual customer support, even in the premium version, which restricts your customer reach.

Marketing and Analytics

RestoLabs’ in-built marketing tools can help you enhance your business visibility without spending thousands of dollars on promotional programs. Their marketing experts give you personalized marketing solutions that ensure you remain at top of the game, no matter how tough the competition. Apart from that, their customer engagement features like coupon builder and reward programs help you enhance customer loyalty and boost profits.

GloriaFoods offers you a ‘promotional banner,’ where you can create incentives for returning as well as new customers. However, it all ends there. They do not offer any marketing insights or real marketing tools that help you get the word out.

Reasonable or Expensive — how much are you willing to pay?

Both RestoLabs and GloriaFoods are a boon for restaurant businesses that would otherwise have to pay several percent of their earnings to third-party delivery services like Uber Eats. They offer an affordable SaaS solution that does the heavy lifting for you while you focus more on giving an amazing food experience to your customers.

RestoLabs’ services start at $69 per month and go up to $199 for the enterprise plan. Considering the number of features and integrations they offer, it is a reasonable price, even less expensive when compared to other similar platforms. You can even enjoy a 30-day free trial so you can experience the software without spending a dime on it.

While GloriaFoods does offer a free restaurant order and delivery solution, it is essentially handicapped without the essential premium features, which can cost you nearly $120 if you purchase them all.

Restolabs vs GloriaFoods — Which one is best suited to your restaurant business?

No matter which platform you choose for your restaurant business, don’t forget to consider the features that YOU require instead of focussing more on what they offer.

RestoLabs is certainly your best bet if you are looking for a versatile, robust, and feature-packed food ordering system USA with a myriad of integrations. However, if you want a free solution you can go for GloriaFoods which again, offers a ton of functionalities to keep your restaurant business up and running. However, it lacks several essential features like third-party POS integrations and proper pre-order management.



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