6 Best social media platforms for restaurant marketing and how to leverage them


  • Create a Facebook page that reflects the voice of your brand. Everything from the logo to the cover picture and display image should reflect the vision and the mission of your business. Most importantly, brand identity should be consistent across all sections.
  • Facebook Ads target based on your current customers and match them with over two million prospects who possess similar interests, preferences and demographics
  • Promote interactive content that engages your audience. Take examples of restaurants that are doing well both online and offline. Observe how they engage with their customers and try to create your strategies accordingly. Remember — engagement means brand awareness and good brand awareness means good business.
  • Integrate with Restolabs to allow mobile users to place orders directly from your Facebook page


  • A good camera, proper lighting, and a decent photographer are a must-have to create a long-lasting impact about your brand on your followers.
  • Follow a consistent brand voice throughout
  • Leverage on the feature of Instagram stories to spread awareness about events that you are planning at your restaurant and share details on how your users could be a part of it.
  • Get your hashtags game right — Use the most relevant and popular ones to drive in more traffic. Take some cues from this blog on How to Generate More Leads from Instagram Marketing to master the art of #Hashtags.


  • Ask your customers to check-in to your restaurant on Foursquare (you might want to give them something in return as a token of appreciation for doing this — may be 10% off on their next order with you?)
  • After you’re done with the process of claiming your space on Foursquare, engage with existing customers and entice them to order from you by offering special offers, loyalty rewards, etc. This guide can help you learn How you can make your existing Loyalty Program works best with Online Ordering


  • Be aware of what’s happening around and try to create a buzz about your company by covering annual events and participation
  • Think out of the box! — don’t limit yourself to what your competitors are doing (although keeping them in check is a good idea to stay up-to-date with the trends). Try out new ways and experiment with crazy ideas — maybe shoot a chat session with your top chefs and call it From the Chef’s table series. Get the idea?
  • Every time you post a new video, share it on all your other social media platforms


  • Relevant usage of hashtags is very important to drive traffic from new users
  • The trick to amplify engagement is to ‘ be’ genuine, straight-forward and have casual conversations with your users using simple and clear communication
  • Respond actively to customer support messages — both good feedback and not-so-good ones. Remember to write back to every customer who is interacting with your Twitter account. This shows that you genuinely care for your customers and helps build your reliability


  • Create attractive pins using the images of most exotic dishes that you serve at your restaurant. If you can capture a few customers relishing those dishes, be prepared to get brownie points
  • Provide link-backs to your website or a particular sales page on your website that is running a timely Ad or a contest. Since most people use Pinterest on their smartphones, make sure your website is mobile friendly. Here’s a guide to help you analyze whether your site is mobile responsive or not.
  • Some board suggestions would be Recipe Boards (recipes are most looked up on Pinterest, and this can drive huge traffic to your website), special diets for achieving diverse health goals, menus, creating fusion dishes (people are actively looking to find recipes that is a fusion of two or more dishes from different countries, so this is definitely a go-to)



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