25 Top Restaurant Blogs to Read for Anyone in F&B -2021 List

For a customer dining at a restaurant seems pretty straightforward- take a table, order a meal, wait for a bit, and dive into yummy food. But behind the scenes? Running a restaurant is no easy feat.

Whether you’re an experienced player of the F & B industry or have just entered the arena, chances are you already know that it can be extremely challenging to manage the billion things happening every second in a restaurant. On top of that the new tech-driven environment is getting quite overwhelming for restaurateurs to wrap their head around the new demands of the new world. Directing manpower, taking online orders, developing solid marketing strategies are just a handful of the important decisions a restaurateur has to make. Beyond this, there’s so much more!

Restaurant tech trends are constantly shifting and it can be insanely hard to keep up. From technology to menu design, there’s something new to learn every day.

The good news is, you’re not alone! There are tons of bright minds in the F & B industry who face the same challenges that you do. It’s likely that the very hurdles you’re facing today have been met with tried and tested methods by your peers. And the best part? They’re happy to help you learn from their experiences.

In this article, we’ve handpicked 25 of the most enriching restaurant blogs that you can bury yourself in and come out a more well-rounded restaurateur.


One of the firsts to enter the online ordering segment, Restolabs Blog offers a plethora of articles educating their readers on how to grow their business and make it profitable. Most of their content revolve around setting up online ordering for success, which we think is quite relevant in today’s time. The blog is a treasure trove of resources on online ordering, industry insights, and tech trends.

Best articles:

Future-proof your restaurant with ASMAC Integration

How to make a restaurant brand contagious


Part of a restaurant on-premise software for beverage management, their blog focus on topics related to inventory management, cocktails trends and restaurant marketing.

Our favorite picks:

5 Tasty Halloween Cocktails

Rise of ‘Healthy’ Cocktails


This Chicago based food tech business helps in creating partnerships between businesses that don’t have a kitchen with neighboring restaurant kitchens that are up for use. Their blog takes into account various tech trends, management tips, industry forecasts, and so forth.

Our favorite picks:

How to Price Beer

20 Best Breweries in Indiana

Restaurant Den

Restaurant Den helps food trucks as well as restaurants build their website effectively, along with providing online ordering software. Their blog is a melange of resources related to website layout, social media promotion, and SEO.

Our favorite picks:

15 Restaurant Instagram Post Ideas

8 Restaurant Entertainment Ideas

Gastro Gays

One for the food connoisseurs out there, this blog features tried and tested recipes spanning different cuisines.

Our favorite picks:

Scallion Pancakes

How to Switch Up Dining at Home Experience

National Coffee Association

This blog has reports, case studies, tips and tricks that café owners can benefit from. Its brilliant reporting paints an accurate picture of what is going on in the coffee industry.

Our favorite picks:

What I Wish I Knew

5 Attempts to Ban Coffee in History

Restaurant Technology Guys

Veterans in the field of restaurant tech and automation, the restaurant technology guys report on the multitude of ways a restaurant can streamline its operations.

Our favorite picks:

How the Right Restaurant POS Can Slash Raw Material Costs

How to Get Accurate Customer Feedback


Lightspeed, previously known as Kounta, also offer a POS software to restaurants. Their blog is informative and fun- it covers news stories, ways to improve marketing, accounting advice, and other aspects related to running a restaurant.

Our favorite picks:

Taking Control of Food Wastage

How to Manage Your Restaurant Balance Sheet

Restaurant Business Online

This blog is filled to the brim with valuable data related to legal matters, financial news, and studies on consumer habits.

Our favorite picks:

50 Great Ideas

Chicken Sandwich Wars


Tech advice for restaurants, finance, marketing tools, customer stories- this blog has it all.

Our favorite picks:

How to Read Your Restaurant’s Monthly Statement

New Year’s Resolution Ideas for Restaurant Owners

Civil Eats

At Civil Eats, you can find news centered on the American food system. Their blog puts up news stories and case studies related to agriculture, sustainable business models and can help your restaurant become more socially aware and environmentally friendly.

Our favorite picks:

Best Food System Solution Stories

The Awafi Kitchen Connects Iraqi and Jewish Food Culture

Open for Business

This quirky blog handles weekly news, resources, and Q&As tailored to help restaurants grow their business in an effective and sustainable fashion.

Our favorite picks:

Tips to Start and Expand Outdoor Dining

Practical Financial Tips during the COVID-19 Crisis

Restaurant Engine

This one has been popular in the F & B world since 2012. It offers helpful insights related to a bunch of topics- setting up a restaurant, management issues, digital marketing, and so on.

Our favorite picks:

10 Tips for Handling Negative Restaurant Reviews Positively

Email Marketing Subject Lines for Restaurants


Toast is an experienced player in the field of restaurant tech. The Toast blog can help you keep tabs on the latest restaurant trends, success stories, and other developments in this line of business.

Our favorite picks:

Chicago Bagel Authority Drives 300 Repeat Visits

How to Write an Employee Handbook

Modern Restaurant Management

Their blog deals with a plethora of subjects- menu design, the importance of AI, restaurant insurance…and this is just the tip of the iceberg.

Our favorite picks:

Kimpton’s Culinary and Cocktail Trend Forecast

5 Ways to Engage Franchises

Fast Casual

So, the name is kind of a giveaway…this blog revolves around fast-casual restaurants such as Panera Bread or Taco Bell. Their blogs and videos pertain to all the happenings in this specific industry.

Our favorite picks:

How Mutts Cantina ‘recession-proofed’ his Business

5 Ways the Vaccine May Change Restaurant Operations

The Restaurant Expert

This blog comprises tips and tricks that help you manage the financial side of your business.

Our favorite picks:

Restaurant Labor Cost Formula

Restaurant Profitability is A Simple Math Problem


One of the food delivery giants, GrubHub has a blog dedicated to providing information on restaurant management, online ordering, and food delivery.

Our favorite picks:

Importance of a Kid’s Menu

How to Become a Green Restaurant

HawksWorth Restaurant

This blog is a goldmine of information related to different cuisines and unique foods. A food connoisseur can spend many an afternoon discovering tons of recipes here.

Our favorite picks:

Hawksworth’s Hotel Georgia Cocktail

Bel Café’s Hot Cross Buns

The Restaurateur

This blog is truly one of a kind. Unlike the other blogs we’ve mentioned which are mostly written by restaurants or businesses that handle restaurant tech, this one is managed by an accounting firm! And their specialty? You guessed it- tax and financial management.

Our favorite picks:

Accounting for Gift Cards

Tax Considerations for Selling Your Restaurant

Michael Hartzell

This blog stands out from the ton of digital marketing blogs out there with its profound articles on social media marketing, customer preferences, and technology.

Our favorite picks:

Strangest Restaurants Around the World

Restaurant Marketing with Fundraising Cards


BevSpot’s target audience is bars and their content primarily concerns how to grow these businesses and manage them more effectively, along with some cocktail recipes here and there.

Our favorite picks:

Where to Find Your Bar Staff

Pouring the Perfect Pint


This blog is loved by food aficionados everywhere. It keeps its readers posted about the most popular restaurants in cities across the world.

Our favorite picks:

Michelin Announces 2021 Stars

Congee Is the Ultimate Comfort Food

Restaurant Manifesto

This food blog has one simple goal-to help restaurants across the globe enhance customer experience while ensuring they treat their employees right. Their content is witty, informative, and thought-provoking.

Our favorite picks:

Tipping Won’t Change Until America Does

The Year in Restaurants That Wasn’t


ChowNow helps restaurants get equipped with an online ordering system. Its blog encompasses many themes- restaurant tech, mobile ordering, use of social media, and much more.

Our favorite picks:

Digital To-Do List for Restaurant Reopening

4 Ways to write Enticing Menu Descriptions

There you go.

The top 25 restaurant blogs of 2021 covering all aspects of the restaurant business — operations, online ordering, mobile ordering, marketing, management, tech trends and much more. If you really want to stay competitive, staying on top of trends that affect your business, your customers and your industry is crucial.




Restaurant Blog that might have some answers for you.

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